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October 16 Decal Info

Many Southern Pacific Model Railroaders are wanting the SP text fonts so here's my answer.  I use Century School Book Bold.  My Windows XP Pro didn't come with that font.  I hadn't dinked around with fonts before so I went to Google and found an excellent Web Site.

The site is: WebpagePublicity.com
Click here to Download File

I downloaded the font file and it was a TTF extension just under 130K. The instructions said to copy and paste it to Windows\Fonts and it worked. Now I have the "SP" font available in every program on my computer. Century School Book Bold font is extremely close to the real thing as my picture below shows.

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I was very surprised at how close the font is to the Micro-Scale decals.  I made several decals for my MOW Equipment that took some doings to apply.  I don't have an Alps Printer so the best I can do is make a negative decal using black on clear and painting the car with a white stripe.

The picture above is the corner of my wrecking crane. I printed out the MW 7032 decal on my HP Photo Smart 7900 Ink Jet Printer.  It is a negative, black background with white text, printed on clear decal paper.  I painted a white strip on the car to make the clear text white.

That was a lot of work!  I have a fellow Model Railroader that has an Alps printer and he has volunteered to make my decals for me.  I will remove the experimental decals that I made and use the Alps printed decals later on. 
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