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Susanville Station

Updated July 13, 2017

I will begin with a bit of history about my Susanville Station.  It began as a Craftsman Kit that I purchased in the 80s.  I assembled the kit and named it the Perryville Station.  The Kit came in a red box and had a sticker type label covering what looked like California Models, the label was an Alpine Division label. I thought it was a Campbell kit because it came with Campbell shingles and corner posts.  Alpine Division has a Southern Pacific type 22 Combination Station listed on their site #7001 that looks exactly like the kit I built.

In the mid 1990s I overhauled it for the first time and installed lighting using 1½ volt 1mm diameter micro lamps.  I had to put my hobby on the shelf from the late 1990s through the late 2000s because work was taking up all my time.

I retired in 2007 and revived my model railroad and one of the first thing on my list was my railroad station.  It was time to overhaul the station with 2mm diameter 12 volt bulbs and I also wanted to add a passenger platform.  I purchased a Walthers Passenger Platform, assembled it and covered the roof with Campbell shingles so it would match the station. 

I added 80 unpainted Preiser figures that I hand painted some Atlas fencing, more 12 volt lights and the following pictures show the results. 

My daughter Susan was killed in a robbery at work in 1991 so my town became Susanville and the railroad station became Susanville Station in memory of my beautiful daughter.  She died a month before her 21st birthday.

The railroad station is a busy place before trains are leaving and after one arrives as you can see.

There are 11 lights inside and 10 on the outside above the doors. 

As you can see the elevation on the Susanville sign my layout is located in the mountains.

My children grew up in Alamogordo New Mexico which is just 15 minutes from the 9,000 foot high Sacramento Mountains in the Lincoln National Forest.  My town is modeled after a town located in the foothills of the Southern New Mexico Mountains.

The Southern Pacific Railroad is predominate in New Mexico and West Texas so that is the road name that I model.  I just love the large SP locomotives.

The SP Golden State passenger trains came through Alamogordo on the way to Chicago.

Most model railroads are all under construction 24/7, mine is too.