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August 11, 2011 Update - My Second SP ¾ Dome Car

My second kit-bash SP ¾ Dome/Lounge car post has been moved to a Project Page.  

I first published this post on May 9th. and have been adding to it as work progresses on this project.

I had a hard time finding good pictures to work from, after I finished my first ¾ dome car I found several very good pictures of the original cars.  I wanted to correct several errors but I didn't want to redo the first one so I put in several token bids on E-Bay and got another full dome car to kit-bash. 

It turned out very nice and it is now on my layout waiting to haul passengers to their destinations in luxury.

The pictures above and below show the finished ¾ Dome Car.

The lights are on in the lounge

This was a very long project but well worth all of the hard work.

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