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April 20, 2013 3301 7th House

Last January my model railroad buddy Dan sent me an article from a 1982 Mainline Modeler Magazine on an early 1900s home to to see if I was interested in scratch building it. It looked a bit complex at first look, but after using it for my desktop on my computer for a week I decided to take it on. This is the info from the article.


The first thing I did was to draw up the complete house on my CAD and print out all of the templates, the picture below is the floor template glued to 3/32" thick basswood.
I was out of Midwest Clapboard Siding so I started out using poster board to see what the house would look like.
I use my basswood corner posts through out on all of my buildings as shown in the picture above. The corner posts are printed in red on the floor plan.  Several corner posts are also in the picture for framing the poster board.

The roof is pre-lined Campbell card stock, I will apply the Campbell Profile Shingles near the end of the project.
The house is beginning to take shape. I made a few changes from the original drawings. I went to a conventional roof over the kitchen instead of the hip roof that is on the original house.
The bay window was a challenge, this is my first attempt at an angled project.  As you can see in the picture above my Midwest Clapboard Siding finally arrived.  I cut out all of the wall sections and pre-painted them.
Anxiously I even painted the trim as I continued the construction.  This is going to be an awesome house!
I am using Tichy windows and doors on all of my structures now.
The next few pictures are of the finished project. 

The house address is done in Century Schoolbook Bold Italic BT 4 font and printed on clear Ink Jet decal paper at 2400 Dpi.  The numbers are 3 inches high in HO scale.
The Tichy Turned Spindle Porch Railing really looks sharp.
As usual I have added people to help realism.
The maid is checking out the weather from the back porch.

This turned out to be a very beautiful home and will replace a plastic Walthers Cornerstone house on Red Mountain Road.

Below is a current picture of the house today from Google Maps.  Truly a Beautiful house that is well over one hundred years old.

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