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July 11, 2016 Test adapter

How many times have you wrapped a wire around a Multimeter Test probe only to have it fall of a dozen times before you're finished testing something?  Ever use the Alligator Clips that push on to your test probes only to find out they're way to big and won't grip the tiny item you're trying to test?

I have standardized on the 0.100" spacing micro connectors for my railroad so having adapters readily available it a must.  The picture below shows some of my adapters, you're only limited to your imagination for making it easier to construct and test your miniature devices.

The Micro Connectors are readily available on eBay as are the Multimeter Test Prob Chassis Connectors.

The Female Micro Connector Search is:
SIP Single Row 40 Pin 0.1"/2.54mm Socket Connector


SIP Dual Row 2x40 Pin 0.1"/2.54mm Socket Connector

The Male Micro Connector Search is
SIP Single Row 40 0.1/2.54mm Pin Male Header Strip.


SIP Dual Row 2x40 0.1/2.54mm Pin Male Header Strip.

The Test Prob Adapter is made from Evergreen #231 Styrene Tubing and four layers of .040" Styrene sheet stock as the spacer.

Happy Model Railroading!

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