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November 19, 2010 Working on scenery

It has cooled off in Bakersfield so now I'm able to work on my layout in the garage.  I started with some scenery on a small section near my control panel.

I did some gravel work next to my railroad station, it will be north parking for the station.  Then I did some asphalt road work from the tracks to the Post Office parking area.  I did some preliminary sanding of the asphalt, I will finish sanding the roadway after I extend the asphalt to the station's south parking lot. 

The creek is ready for water to be added and the gravel parking area is ready for vehicles.

The picture below is a closeup of the turnout next to the park/creek, the ballast at the turnout points must be clear because one small granule of ballast can interfere with the moving rails.

You can see the bare cork roadbed under the moving rail points.

This is the second creek opening with a young lady feeding the deer.  There will be trees and bushes placed around the buildings and creek areas after I'm finished with the ground work in the middle of my layout.

These two pictures are with the flash off and two florescent ceiling lights on.

The street lights fit the 50s very nicely.  The roadways still need sanding and some sealer applied then it will look like asphalt.

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