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July 13, 2013 Removable Section VI

In this post I'm working on the power lines portion of the remodel on my 2' x 4' removable module. 

I have installed the power poles and 0.010" Music Wire power lines that go to the houses on the module. 
It's rather hard to see the power lines in the overall picture above but it shows the houses in place for reference. 
The picture above shows the main lines and power poles still under construction.
This is a good closeup of a power drop to a house, I will mount a meter and power panel on the corner of the house.
This house will also get an electric meter and fuse box similar to the one on the Retired Miner's house in the background.
This one was the most difficult drop in on the module because of the small working area.  With the power lines finished I will continue on to the bushes and weeds.

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