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July 9, 2013 Removable Section V

In this post I'm still working on the basic scenery remodel of my 2' x 4' removable module. 

I'm happy with the way the ground cover flocking, roads and rocks came out. I have installed all the power poll and tree bases. The first picture shows the module on my hobby room workbench, it's more comfortable working in it in my hobby room where I can be cool and sitting in my computer chair. As you can see I have my Mag-Light handy and my parts inventory drawers mounted on my workbench shelf.  The wall shelves above the parts drawers are great for storing larger things.  Four of the houses on the shelves will end up on this module.
As you can see in the picture below I have added a 4" bender board to the bottom edge of the module and trimmed it to be an ⅛" below the scenery.  I also added a rock in the lower right corner to mate up better to the existing scenery on my layout.
The white spots in the grass are ½" long pieces of ¼"OD/⅛" ID Plastruct Tubing used for tree and power pole bases.  The Woodland Scenics TR1106 trees have a ⅛" stud at the bottom of the trunk that plugs snugly into the tubing and makes a great tree mount. I use ⅛" wood dowels cut to a scale 35" for power distribution poles that also fit perfect in the same tubing, I use 3/16" dowels for high line poles cut to a scale 55'.  The thicker poles plug into Evergreen ¼"OD/3/16"ID tubing perfectly.  When I finish this module everything on my layout with the exception of my roundhouse will be removable for easy maintenance or remodeling later.
The picture below shows the lot in the center of the module where my Retired Miner will reside, I didn't remove his Outhouse for the remodel.  The Outhouse is the only structure on this module that won't be replaced.
Next Post will be taller grass, weeds, bushes, the power poles/lines and houses.

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