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October 25, 2013 Blending in my modules

This post is work in progress, I'll add pictures and text as the project continues.

I successfully placed the module with the Superintendent's house and swimming pool on my layout. I have attached it and the 24" x 48" module in place with wood screws to prevent any possible warping from the Paper Mache caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

I have checked all the lighting circuits and everything is still working, both modules fit tight into the layout so there is a possibility of pinching wires.  All the wiring moves easily so the wires are free from problems. 

The next step is to seal the gaps around both modules.  I was planning to use one inch strips of newspaper soaked in thinned Elmer's white glue for easy removal for future maintenance or remodels. But as I'm very happy with both modules and because I'm 76 years old I figure both will out live me so I'm going to seal the gaps with Paper Mache.

As one gets older it becomes harder to get around without pain or hurting yourself.  To make working on my layout easier and without hurting my back from prolonged bending or leaning over I use my Topside Creeper.  The creeper is the best tool investment I have ever made, my back and legs are very tender from a severe fall from a tower in 1965.

The creeper lets me work easily 3 feet into my layout.  This particular position it lets me work to the center or 3½ feet from the edge. Learning to work hanging down is a learning experience but it is comfortable and I can keep at it for long periods of time.

Topside type creepers are manufactured by several companies all comparatively priced, the big difference is S&H.  I caught Micro-Mark in a weak 'Sale plus free S&H' moment several years ago and the delivered price was $197.95

October 26, 2013

I have started patching the gaps around the modules to blend into my layout.  The picture above is the far right corner or east end of the modules.  I had to trim the Plaster of Paris rock to the left of the road to make room for my new slightly wider gravel road.  As you can see the original road was a narrow dirt road.  I'll also need to add a bit more rock on both sides of the trestle and extend the planking between the rails for the wider road.

The trestle module needs to be removable because of track maintenance.  I'm going to try the plastic wrap trick again to keep the gap very thin and hidden from view.  After everything is fully dried I'll pull the plastic wrap out leaving only a micro thin line.

I'm still working on the far right end of the modules filling in and blending the gaps.  I soaked some newspaper in thinned Elmer's white glue for a filler between the balsa and the rock on the module.  The balsa base was installed with temporary Paper Mache/white glue until I was able to blend it into the surrounding scenery after I had the modules in place.

Because of the slow drying process of the Paper Mache I have to layer it in thin coats.  I have a 6" fan blowing across the area almost 24/7 while I'm working with Paper Mache to speed up the drying.

November 4, 2013

I have sealed and blended the gaps around the rocks on the left, the right side, and the end of the Pool Module.

In the pictures below I have filled in the gaps between the removable modules and the main layout.  I have applied a first layer of green grass flocking over a coating of Earth Undercoat on the Paper Mache.

November 6, 2013

I will need to make a filler rock to fill in the gap between the rocks above the gravel road.

I will need to install several rock castings to fill the openings between the rocks then do more flocking and add bushes.

The large hole above will be a complete rock building project in it's self.

This post is a work in progress, I will be adding pictures and text as I continue with this project.

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