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January 25, 2014 My Mill/Mine Module is Finished

I started on this module in mid November, it is now finished and installed on my layout.  This post has many pictures of the details of which most are self explanatory so there's not much text.  Enjoy

Ready to go

The pond turned out especially nice.

I used Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create what looks like water dropping from the raceway on to the water wheel and from the water wheel into the pit.

Both pulleys turn with the moving wench cable.
The water wheel is adjustable between 4 to 10 RPM.


These pictures show the mechanics of the winch cable between the Wench Building and the Shaft House.  The cable is put in motion by a 30RPM 12 volt gear-motor.  The winch cable is # 20 thread which is .020" in diameter equaling 1¾" HO scale , it's path is two turns around the motor shaft for traction then past a weighted pulley for cable tension.
The cable then goes up through ⅛" OD styrene tubing to the Wench House pulley then to the Head Frame pulley.

After going over the Head Frame pulley the winch cable returns to the motor shaft drum through another ⅛" styrene tube as shown in red in the picture above.  The Head Frame pulley turning is easily seen giving the mine the illusion of the elevator moving.

The picture above is the module in place on my layout.  Here I have begun to seal the ¼" to ½" wide gap between the module and my layout using 1¼" strips of kitchen type paper towels.  Newspaper is a bit too stiff to conform to the irregular edges of the mountains, the paper towel strips in layers works very well.

This picture is the same corner as above with some green flocking on top of the paper towel strips

The picture above is the opposite corner with grass flocking and road gravel on top of newspaper strips.

The module is finished and installed on my layout  The following pictures show the module with the figures, trees and vehicles in place.  The gaps around the module have been feathered out to blend with the surrounding scenery.

With this module finished this rest the the scenery of this side of my layout should go fast.  I will start an on going post of the finish work of the scenery on Red Mountain.  As part of the completion of this end of my layout will sand and stain the plywood sides.

Watch for the conclusion of Red Mountain coming soon.