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July 5, 2014 More Water Problems

I have done several posts on water, small rivers and creeks, ponds and even a swimming pool.  I don't normally bad mouth a product but today when I was working close up to my Red Mountain Creek I was shocked to see the water in the creek had turned a brown gunky color.

I poured the Woodland Scenics Realist Water in my creek last August so this time it didn't even last a year.  I'm in the process of removing the water, I will have to redo the entire lower creek.  With the creek going bad that makes every Woodland Scenics Realistic Water pour I've done has ended up a gunky brown.  I will never use their water products again!

I have had very good luck using Magic Water from Unreal Details, I poured a swimming pool over a year ago and it has remained crystal clear and still looks exactly like real water.  Magic Water is a bit pricy but worth every penny compared to the worthless Woodland Scenics Product.

As I needed a large amount of the water making product on my layout I went to the Model Railroad Forums and found a fellow that recommended Parks Super Glaze so I give that a shot for my upper pond and creek.

While Magic Water costs $15 for 6 ounces plus Shipping the Rust-Oleum Parks Super Glaze is $25 for 32 ounces at Home Depot.  It works GREAT at a much lower cost.

The picture above is my Red Mountain Pond poured with Parks Super Glaze.  The water in the pond is ⅞" deep and super clear after a year.  I should have added some fish in the pond for effects.

This picture is Upper Red Mountain Creek.  The water in the creek is clear after a year.

This is a picture of Lower Red Mountain Creek after less then a year.  The Woodland Scenics Realistic Water has turned a Yuck Brown and is very foggy.  The rocks had a reddish tint but the muck turned most of them dark too.

More Woodland Scenics Realistic Water after less than a year.

This is more nasty Woodland Scenics Realistic Water above my water fall.  I knew better when I poured the lower creek after I had to remove my swimming pool because it turned into a dirty floor wax buildup brown color, I had swimmers in the pool and the two under water were hardly visible through the gunk.  My new pool with Magic Water is crystal clear after almost two years.  The pool drain is clearly visible through ¾" of Magic Water.