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November 15, 2015 Model Power Basket Case Kitbash Project

I recently bought a Basket Case Model Power E7A off eBay for parts.  As normal I proceeded into restore mode after I opened the package.

The rear truck side frame and bottom was badly broken but all the parts were there.  The first picture is from the eBay Listing showing what it looked like.

It took about three hours to reconstruct the truck side and bottom cover from JB-Kwik Epoxy.

The truck assembly looks very good and it works almost as good as it did new out of the box.

The locomotive runs like new but the paint job leaves a lot to be desired.

I had also purchased a Model Power E7A shell that had been painted with primer so keeping in mind the one purchased for parts is just that, parts.  Not needing another E7A shell I decided to kitbash the two E7A shells into an E7B shell.

After careful measuring I marked both shells with a black Sharpie and I will cut them on my table saw to get the cut as square as possible.  It's raining in Bakersfield and my saw is on the patio covered with a tarp.  I'll do my cut tomorrow and continue this post after the cut.

Here I've made my cuts and started fusing the two pieces together to make a E7B shell.  So far so good.

Ready for service as SP 5917

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