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Dec. 15, 2009 My first HO locomotive

A Tribute to my first HO locomotive, a 1952 Model Roundhouse 0-6-0 Yard Switcher

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This is my first HO locomotive, I bought it from H&H Hobby Shop in El Paso Texas in 1952 with money earned from my paper route.  It is a Model Roundhouse 0-6-0 Yard Switcher.

It cost $6.85 and I was earning a whopping 75¢ per week from my job as an evening paper boy for the El Paso Harold Post .  The owner of H&H Hobby, John Henderson let me clean his store after I was through delivering my papers to earn extra money for my hobby supplies.

I gave it a new paint job and decals last summer, it runs as good as it looks.  I didn't keep a log of how much running time on it but I'm sure it's close to 1,000 hours.  I have given it several minor overhauls replacing worn parts in the 58 years that I've owned it and now I'm going to convert it to DCC operation.  About 18 years ago I replaced the frame due to an accidental derailment that broke off one of the front steps.

Sadly Model Die Cast closed down their operation in 2004 so if something happens to an MDC locomotive now that requires parts they are no longer available.  I also have 4 MDC 3 truck Shays, two with DC-70 motors and two with can motors.  Model Roundhouse (MDC) was in business for 67 years, I will truly miss them.

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