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July 17 My Drovers Caboose

Ever since I got my Drovers Caboose I wanted to illuminate the dummy Marker lamp on the roof of the cupola, I did it today.

It wasn't as hard to do as I first thought.  I used .092" brass tubing, the inside diameter is .062" or 1/16".  I cut and soldered the brass tubing to form a "T" the same size as the original Marker Light.  A 1.5 volt micro bulb just fits inside the tubing.

I removed the lenses from the original light and glued them on the tubing with LOCTITE Super Glue.  I will also add a 1.5 volt interior light and a few loggers guys sitting and a caboose guy standing on the rear platform.

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I wired it using my standard 1.5 volt regulator circuit powered from the rails to charge a NMH 400 mah 'N' cell battery in the freight/baggage end of the car.  I used the caboose heater stack attached to a brass rod to operate a micro switch to turn the power off to the lights by rotating it 90 degrees.  The battery maintains a constant voltage to the lights for a more realistic look.

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