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June 4, 2013 Craftsman 4 volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

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Several years ago my grandson gave me a Craftsman 4 volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver for Christmas. That little screwdriver/drill is by far the best hobby tool I own. I was using it constantly on my removable section when it refused to take a charge. I was devastated when I couldn't get a replacement battery from Sears. Sears has no information on this tool, I even tried calling the Sears Parts 800 number. It's like Sears never sold them. All I got was "I'm sorry sir".

I opened it up to hopefully find a number on the battery but none of the many numbers did any good with Sears. I did quite a bit of research and finally located a type 18650 battery that worked very good. The only place I could find the one I wanted was on E-Bay, buying from China is taboo in my books so I kept searching E-Bay for a US dealer so at least part of the money would stay in the US. It shipped out of Pennsylvania and I received it a week later.

The Battery I bought is a protected 3.7 volt 65mm long x 18mm diameter with solder tabs type #18650, the battery has a capacity of 4200 mah, almost double the capacity of the original battery. The battery type 18650 breaks down to size, 18mm x 65mm, make sure that the battery is either an IMR-18650 or "protected" to prevent a fire if shorted. Most of the China/Hong Kong batteries don't state if they are protected. 

 The bottom line is I have my drill/driver back working perfectly.

This is my 4 Volt Craftsman Driver/Drill with a #76 drill bit in a Micro-Mark Mini Chuck, best Hobby Tool I own. Low speed is 200RPM and High is 600RPM with all the power needed for any hobby project!

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