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September 16, 2010 Cal-Scale Markers for my SP Articulated Locomotives

I ordered 10 pairs of Cal-Scale Modern Marker lights for my locomotives from needtrains.com. Terry delivered them very quickly.  He has the best Customer Service that I've run into in many years.

They are much closer to scale than the Tomar 807s.  The Cal-Scale Markers are lost wax brass castings and non illuminated, I will drill them out and install 1mm 1½ volt micro-bulbs.

I drilled out the lenses with a #60 drill and then enlarged the hole with a #56 drill that will be the rear of the lamp so that the micro bulb will slide in. 

This is what they look like after drilling them out with a #60 drill bit.

The two lamps on the Dime are 1mm 1½ volt micro lamp that I use in the Cal-Scale markers. 

I used a drop of glass stain to make the lenses.

In the picture above my AC-9 has both the Number Plates and Marker Lights are on.

The picture above shows four Cab Forwards with the Cal-Scale markers installed ready for paint.

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