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September 4 AC-9 Number Plates

I decided to make the Number Plates for my AC-9 out of scrap acrylic so that I could illuminate them.

I cut two triangle shaped pieces of scrap acrylic and polished the edges.  Then I drilled a 2mm hole in the Skyline side for the micro-bulb.  To help contain the light I painted them silver first then black leaving the number window clear.  I covered the window with a .015" piece of white styrene to enhance the numbers when the lamp is off.  They are ready to install on the Skyline.

These two pictures show my home brew Illuminated Number Plates installed on the AC-9 Skyline.


The number plates look good when they're lit up. The decals are from a Microscale Decal Southern Pacific Heavy Steam #87-75 set.

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