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September 12 Doug's New House Part 2

Part 2 continues with the construction of the second floor of my sons house.

I slipped up again and didn't take pictures of early second floor roof/walls before I added the room dividers. 

As you can see everything is well marked for error free assembly after cutting out the sections.  

This is a good time to talk about something for the workbench.  I have been building hobby type things for 63 years and specifically model railroad stuff for 60 of them. I had never heard of or had any knowledge of a Self Healing Cutting Matt until half way through this project when my friend Dan Merkel told my that I needed one.  

I told him that I broke 5 #11 X-Acto blades cutting the cardboard pieces for this project.

I had my wife pick me one up at Office Depot and I can't express how much I needed it 60 years ago.  I have literately demolished every workbench that I've had over the years not having a cutting mat.  I've had many cutting boards that were just a piece of wood but I've always broken blades like they were going out of style.  I have payed the price of the cutting mat dozens of times buying blades.  Since I have been using the mat I haven't broken a blade or put a slice in my workbench.  Even better yet, cutting is so much easier that it is unbelievable.  If you don't have a cutting mat and you use a hobby knife you must have a cutting mat!!!!  

This shows the second floor setting in place on top of the first floor.

I didn't take pictures of the assembly of the tower room either but it too is simple.  Here the second floor roof and tower are in place.

This shows the lights glued in place with my favorite glue GOOP.  There are nine 12 volt 40ma 4mm interior lights, one for each room.  A front porch light will be added when the porch is in place as well as a light over the rear door.

At this point the instructions said paint was next.  I chose Doug's favorite colors, Light gray with a darker gray for the trim.  The light gray is Folk Art #708 Dove Gray, the trim is Accent #2400 Soft Gray.

The Grandt Line windows and doors are nicely detailed and look very good on the house.

The Accent Dove Gray is a perfect match for the Grandt Line accessories.

The door is Creamcoat #2053 Dark Brown and the gold trim is DecoArt #DCA05 Antique Gold.

To be continued in Part 3

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