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My AC-9 Kitbash

The AC-9, SP 3805 above is the end product of a Kitbash Project from a Rivarossi Cab Forward.

It is the second of three AC-9 Yellowstones that I rebuilt from AC-10 Cab Forwards. I am a devout 1950s era Southern Pacific HO Model Railroader. I have a fleet of 39 steam locomotives of which 18 are articulated and 34 diesels.

My layout is set in the mid 1950s in the Southern New Mexico/West Texas area. I grew up in El Paso Texas during the end of the Steam Era and lived in Alamogordo, NM during the 1960s & 70s. My wife and I are both retired and now reside in Bakersfield California. We have lived on both ends of the Southern Pacific Cab Forward Southern Route.

This Blog is about my HO Model Railroad Hobby and how I model the Southern Pacific from my memories of the mid 1950s era as a teenager. I wrote a short synopsis of my back ground that can be found by going to my About Me page.

Mel Perry, PMFE  (Professor of Miniature Ferroequinology Engineering)

1.  ferroequinology  Literally "the study of the iron horse." (ferros = iron, equine = horse, -ology = study of)

2. The study of the history of railroads and railroad trains, especially for the purpose of model railroading.

3. What a railfan practices.

This is a simple track layout drawing of my Model Railroad.

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