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November 17, 2012 Red Mountain Road & Creek

This is my first attempt at making a creek with running water.  I'm giving it the name of Red Mountain Creek.  

As shown in the drawing above the creek enters on the far left side of my layout and quickly goes under a gravel road and turns to the right. It goes under the gravel road a second time just past where the road turns to the left then down the mountain.  It will spill over the rocks as a water fall 35' to a small pond.  The creek will go from the pond down a fairly steep incline to the layouts lower level and join up with a slightly larger creek. 

I'm using Woodland Scenics Products to make the water. In the picture above the Realistic Water hasn't fully cured and has a cloudy look.  

The Realistic Water is very runny and extremely difficult to use on a inclined surface.  Several places on my creek has declines of 10° to 15° so haven't used the runny Realistic Water there. I bought a bottle of Water Effects because it is in a thick format and made to be brushed on to the surface.  The Woodland Scenics specifications say it will dry clear in 24 hours.  I applied some to my creek and after 7 days it still looked like milk so I removed it.  I'm going to try to let a small portion of Real Water sit in a paper cup until it thickens to the point that it doesn't run and apply that to my creek.

Well I went a different route, I simply did a very small pour of Realistic Water and let set for about two hours.  Then I did a second, then a third and a fourth.  After about 8 or 9 small pours over two days it looks pretty darn good. 

With the creek looking like I want it I built a wooden bridge from Northeastern Scale lumber using 12" x 12" planking.

The road crew is busy working on the gravel road.  The trees above are not finished, they are in place to give me ideas on the make up of surrounding scenery.  The tree bases will be covered with Paper Mache.
The bridge is also supported with stacked scale 12 x 12s.  I wrapped the bridge with Saran Wrap to protect the wood from warping from the moisture from the Paper Mache and the glue from the gravel.  After I removed the Saran Wrap it fit perfect and doesn't need to be glued in place.  As you can see the water is looking very good, just enough  turbulence to add realism.  

In the picture below I have finished some of the basic ground cover flocking, I started with Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Green Grass over a coat of Earth Undercoat on top of the Paper Mache.
Next I will add in some light random splotches of Green Blend Grass, Fine Turf Soil, Earth Blend and Fine Turf Earth.  It also helps to outline the roads with random bits of mud and dark soil flocking where wheels have either drifted of the gravel or vehicles have pulled over a bit to pass.

I will also need to dirty up and weather the bridge some to make it look like it's had heavy traffic.

I'll add to this post as I get further into the project I'm keeping at it now that I'm feeling better.  I had a pretty bad bout with a prescription drug that I was allergic to.

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