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June 2, 2013 My Removable Section Remodel II

When I originally built this module I attached the Woodland Scenics TR1106 trees direct to the scenery base by drilling a ¼" hole in the Paper Mache then filling the hole with glue.  That was a terrible mistake, the glue held so good that removing them tore up the trees and scenery very bad.  I had thought that after the trees were attached I would never need to remove them.  Well over time they deteriorated badly.  After learning the hard way I now use the base that comes with the trees and cover them with flocking.  There was over 50 trees on this module that needed removing during the remodel and I dinged the Paper Mache/flocking pretty bad removing them.  The Woodland Scenics tree base has a tight fit 1/8" hole for the stud on the bottom of the tree trunk.

I tossed all of the toy like tree bases for the existing trees during the original construction so I have improvised.  Plastruct ¼" Styrene tubing works very good as a mount.  I cut the tubing into ½" lengths and glue them in a ¼" hole to hold the trees.  The ¼" Plastruct also works for my power/telephone poles.  The pictures above and below shows how the improvised tubing works very well to hold the trees and poles.

More as work progresses.

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