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February 10, 2016 Polarizing Micro Connectors

For several years I've been using .020" K&S brass rod for polarizing micro connectors but I finally tried something new and it worked.

I pushed a pin out of the plastic connector housing and reversed it as shown in the picture below.

Before I pushed the pin out I used long nose pliers to gently twist the pin to loosen it before applying pressure.  I used a 1/16" K&S brass tube to press the pin out the top (female side) of the plastic housing.

There is a slight flange on the female side of the pin so the reverse side of the plastic housing needs to be enlarged to accept the pin inserted backwards.  I sized the drill bit using the larger hole of the flange, a #49 bit fit snug in the hole.

I carefully enlarged the hole on the male side twisting the bit using only my fingers so that I could feel if the bit hung up.  The enlarged hole only needs to be 1/32" deep.

I inserted the pin in the plastic housing and I felt a slight snap fit.  The keeper ring on the pin snapped into the plastic housing.  I didn't use any glue to hold in the pin as it fit very snug.  The now polarized connectors connect perfectly.

I have always used Amazing Goop as a strain relief on the wire side of the connectors to prevent the wires from breaking and that worked on this modification too.  Goop dries slightly flexible and can be removed without damage to the connectors.

The brass rod worked but the correct pin works much better and didn't require soldering to keep it in place.

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