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April 24 Vehicle Lighting

This is a view of my main road into town.  You can see my home brew vehicle lighting connectors in the road.  The Fire Truck is plugged into a similar set of connectors.

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The Ford on it's side shows the .030" rods that plug into the 1/16" tubing in the road.  

The picture below is a closeup of the 1956 Ford showing the wiring to the rods.

With one rod being slightly longer than the other it makes it easier to plug the vehicle into the tubing in the road.

The picture below is what the micro-lamp headlights look like when they're turned on.

This is a 1957 Chevrolet Convertible with two 1½ volt micro-lamps for headlights.  The lamps are powered from a 1¼ volt power supply for longer life and to increase realism. 

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