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August 25 CMX Track Cleaning Car

This is my CMX Track Cleaning Car.  I just cleaned it up, painted it and put on the decals. 

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I had painted it when I first got it with Testors Flat Black spray paint.  I was using a track cleaning fluid that I had for several years and it wasn't working very well.  I read on several of the forums that Aero-Car Hobby Lubricants ACT-6006 worked very well so I bought some.  It works super good but it ate the paint off the car.  I tried several types of paint and the ACT-6006 did it's thing on all of them.  I finally tried some Rust-Oleum Automotive Paint and it worked.  My CMX is back in the yard waiting to go to work. 

I highly recommend the CMX Track Cleaning Car and the ACT-6006 track cleaning fluid, it is by far the best track cleaning system I have ever used in over 50 years of Model Railroading. 

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