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Agust 20, 2013 Removable Section VII - Finished

This Post is about my finished 2' x 4' removable section.  It has taken 2¾ months of off and on work to completely remodel this module.  I removed the section and brought it into my hobby room where I could do the remodel at my workbench in my comfortable roll-around chair.  Leaning over my layout for extended lengths of time is very hard on my 76 year old back.

This picture is the completed module on my workbench without the tall pines.

I will insert the tall trees after the module is in place and I have filled in the seams.

All of the houses have been replace with scratch built homes and I have applied new scenery flocking.  I added spotty grass clumps using Woodland Scenics Medium Green Course Turf #T1364.  I also added some bushes using a combination of Woodland Scenics Lichen Light Green #162, Medium Green #163 & Dark Green #164.

I added more details too, the picture above is my Retired Miners place with his tools and tractor.  He is sitting comfortably in his captains chair having a cup of hot chocolate on a cool afternoon.

The Model A is a Jordan Highway Miniatures Kit and the Mailster is a JL Innovative Design Cushman Truckster Kit that I morphed into a USPS Mailster from pictures on the Internet.  The Mailster has a single operating 1½ volt 1mm diameter headlight.

The above picture shows the miner's son having a chat with their Mailman delivering the Mail in his 1952 Mailster. The Miner's son was on the way to town driving his father's 1928 Model A Ford Pickup.

I used Woodland Scenics Medium Green Foliage Clusters #CF58 as bushes near the houses as shrubbery.

This is a scratch built Sears Catalog Home 164B110, to the right you can see the power lines from the power pole to the house.

This view shows the electric meter and fuse panel, I made the meter assembly from Evergreen Scale Models Strip Styrene.

Here we see a young lady checking the mailbox for mail.

The mailboxes are also made from Evergreen Styrene Strips.

The 1949 Hudson Pacemaker is in memory of an old high school buddy, Danny was a diehard Hudson guy.

I was a T Bird guy, I bought a used 55 T Bird for myself in the late 50s.  Both the T Bird and Hudson are Alloy Forms Kits.

The lower level has 10 Woodland Scenics #TR1105 4" to 6" Pines and 1 #TR1106 8" Pine Tree with Conifer Green Foliage.  Trees are not my forte, after several long hours I came up with two fairly good looking oak trees using Woodland Scenics  Deciduous Armatures to put in front of my scratch built 3301 house.

The fence posts are home brew castings and the fence rails are Midwest Scale Lumber strips. The 1940 Ford is another buddy's car from high school days, Clyde and my cousin Ray owned a 1953 Buick Skylark.

The 40 Ford is a Jordan Highway Miniatures Kit, the Buick is an Alloy Forms Kit.

The upper level will have 46 of the Woodland Scenics 6" to 8" TR1006 Pines.  I have pre-installed all of the tree bases and will simply plug the tall trees in their bases after I have reinstalled the section on my layout.  It will require quite a bit of scenery blending on all four sides and the tall trees would be in the way, another good reason for making trees removable.

This has been a very satisfying project.  I knew it would take a lot of time and sometimes hard work to repair my damaged module but it was worth every minute it took.  I dreaded doing it for several years but now it looks great.