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May 26, 2015 Atlas #65 Switch Machine

This post is an update to my May 6th Atlas Switch Machine Post.

During a major track overhaul one of my Atlas under layout switch machine throw arm posts dropped out of the moving tie at the turnout rail points.  For those of you that use the #65 you know it isn't an easy task to put it back.  At almost 80 years of age it's very close to impossible for me.  To ease the situation and also improve on the switch machine I added length to the throw arm post as outlined in my May 6th Post,  scroll down my blog for details on my modification.

Naturally the problem switch machine is located in a corner in the dark of the most difficult place to get to.  "Murphy" was surely involved in the planning stages of my problem.

I got my 28 year old Grandson to do the dirty work for me so the problem is fixed.  He removed the standard #65 switch machine and replaced it with a Mel Modified #65.  I'm very happy to say it works great, better than the original unmodified Atlas #65.  I think the added mass of the steel rod helps the operation.  When I throw the turnout it really snaps and the rails lock in place very good, great improvement over the original plastic rod.

I plan on modifying the rest of my #65 switch machines, my Grandson even told me that he would remove and install them for me.

This is a picture from my May 6th post.

The extra rod length really helps the install.  The steel rod is a press fit into the Atlas mechanism, after the switch machine is screwed in place the steel rod can be pushed down flush with the moving tie.

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