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October 26, 2015 More on my Pasenger Car Lighting

In converting my lighting from 1½ volt GOW bulbs I needed to modify my E7B power unit described in my February 22, 2015 post.  I removed the LM338 1.4 volt regulator and moved the wire between the output connector and the on-off relay contact switching the 4 volt battery to the lighting circuit.  That was the only change necessary for the E7B.

No changes were necessary to the 4 volt Lithium battery or it's charging card.  I did swap out the 5000 ma battery with a new 5800 ma battery.  The new Lithium battery has a "10 Year Shelf Life" statement printed on it.
I will add a necessary comment at this point, when buying Lithium batteries for your model railroad make sure they are the "Protected" type.  Protected means the battery is fused internally to prevent it from exploding if accidentally shorted.  I use a fast acting 2 amp fuse in series with each battery, the 2 amp fuse will open fast enough so a short won't blow the internal battery fuse.

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