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June 2, 2010 Cab Forward DCC Wiring Diagrams

This is my DCC wiring diagram for my five Rivarossi AC-12 Cab Forwards.  They are a newer version that came from the factory with both right and left rail power pickup in the locomotive.  My five older AC-10 & 11 Cab forwards have single rail power pickup, right rail in the locomotive and left rail in the tender.  I replaced all my Rivarossi tender trucks with brass Buckeye trucks for more reliable twelve wheel power pickup. 

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This works out very good, the new Faulhaber Neodymium Magnet Motors are very powerful and they draw less than 500 ma. from the decoder under full load.

This is my diagram of the older Rivarossi AC-10 & AC-11 with tender power pickup.

Important information:

First: For those that are using the Rivarossi motor you must isolate the motor wiring from the frame for DCC operation!

Second: The Rivarossi motor will draw in access of one Amp easily under load, make sure that your DCC decoder will handle 1½ Amps!  

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