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June 2nd Below the Monkey Deck

The Rivarossi Cab Forwards have a hole below the Monkey Deck that is just slightly smaller than the NMRA 8 pin DCC connector.  I enlarged it a bit for the connector to drop in.  It is the perfect location for the pig-tail from the tender to easily plug in.  The Monkey Deck platform can be removed without damage using an X-ACTO knife and being very careful.

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This is the rear view of my Cab Forward #4294 with the 8 pin NMRA DCC connector mounted in the hole below the Monkey Deck.  I will paint the wires flat black between the cylinders and steam chest so they are not seen then I will glue the Monkey Deck platform back in place.

The Monkey Deck is glued back with the DCC connector in Place.

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