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February 4, 2011 Doug's Van

I named the my mountain diner in memory of my son, Doug's Diner.  Doug was very ambitious and I'm sure he would have catered meals to the hungry railroad workers.  I decided to give him a van to make his deliveries.

Doug was very friendly and gave a friendly wave to everyone.

Doug always had the young ladies following him like the one in the convertible behind him.

I had problems making the decals for the van.  I had purchased a Testors Decal Kit specificity for their Decal Bonder.  The photo below is the results of using the Testors Decal Bonder on decal paper printed on my HP Photosmart 7900 Ink-Jet printer.

I let the ink dry 8 hours before applying a very light coat of the Testors Decal Bonder then waiting overnight before applying a second light coat.  I printed 8 of the decals on the half decal sheet and this was the best of the 8.

I have been using Krylon for years without a major problem with bleeding.  The picture below shows the difference using Krylon.

There is a very small amount bleeding using Clear Gloss Krylon.  The Testors Decal Kit came with Decal Making software that isn't worth the price of a blank CD and 5 sheets of half page decal paper for $9.95.  I guess I wasted $10 plus S&H.  Also a 12 ounce can of Krylon costs the same as a 3 ounce can of Testors Decal Bonder.
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